Resources for migrant community

Resources that support the migrant community::

Do you need help with your immigration case? ECO is an organization that offers free legal advice and free legal services to persons with an open immigration case in the immigration court in Portland, OR.  Read more about ECO here:

Are you experiencing domestic violence? Do you need help? Here is a page with different free help center for persons in this situation: 

Are you a victim of sexual assault? Here is a page with several free help centers:

Information about COVID-19 and how to stay safe and healthy (Oregon Health Authority – Autoridad de Salud de Oregon) – Here you will find the latest news and advice on how you and your family can stay healthy:
Here’s their facebook page:

COVID19 testing (Oregon Health Authority – Autoridad de Salud de Oregon) –

Information about COVID19 and control centers

Seguro de Salud: Information about the Health plan of Oregon-

Information for agricultural workers, agricultural migrant workers, and seasonal workers (Oregon Health Authority – Autoridad de Salud de Oregon)

Coronavirus: Information about insurance and fraud-

  • In the above link you can find information about:
    • Health insurance
    • Telehealth insurance coverage
    • Medical prescription coverage
    • Business insurance 
    • Credits and reimbursement of payments by car insurance for Oregon habitants. 
    • Grace period to pay insurance coverage
    • Banks, credit cooperatives, and loans
    • Mortgages
    • Avoid fraud by scammers using Coronavirus

Access Policy for different languages – (Oregon Health Authority – Autoridad de Salud de Oregon) –

Mental health resources –